Am I entitled?

You need a personal ID number before you can apply for housing allowance. 

Who can apply?

Anyone over the age of 18 is entitled to apply for housing allowance, with the exception of students without children and people doing their initial national service. But you can apply if you are

  • a student with children.
  • a student without children but you participate in a public back-to-work scheme as the Qualification Programme or courses organised by NAV or your local municipality.
  • parent to the student living at home.
  • parent to the person doing initial national service and the person is not living at home.
  • under 18 with your own children

The dwelling

You personally must live in the home for which you are applying for an allowance. The dwelling must

  • be approved for year-round habitation.
  • have its own entrance and bathroom/toilet and sleeping and kitchen facilities. 

Income and wealth

It is the ratio between household income/wealth and housing expenses that decides whether you are entitled of housing allowance.  Irrespective of how high your housing expenses are, you will not receive housing allowance if your income is above the upper income limit.