Log in to the Housing Bank

Frequently asked questions

You need an electronic ID to log in. An electronic ID is an identity document that confirms who you are. There are several types of electronic IDs, with the most common being MinID and BankID.

If you are applying for housing support or checking your loan status, you can log in with MinID, BankID, Buypass, or Commfides.

If you are applying for start-up loans and grants, you must log in with BankID, Buypass, or Commfides.

Don't have an electronic ID?

How to get MinID (norge.no)

How to get BankID (bankid.no)

How to get Buypass (buypass.no)

How to get Commfides (commfides.com)

If you don't have an electronic ID and are applying for start-up loans and grants, you can apply with a guardian or an assistant.

Assistance with logging in

You can find more information about logging in with an electronic ID here (difi.no). You can also contact user support for ID-porten on the same page.

You may have been logged in for too long, or you may have experienced an error the last time you logged in.

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