Contact information

The Norwegian State Housing Bank's head office is located in the city of Drammen. We have four regional offices. 

Telephone: +47 22 96 16 00

E-mail address:

Mailing address: Husbanken, postboks 1404, 8002 Bodø

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 08.00-15.45 (08.000-15.00 from 15 May to 14 September)

Our offices (visiting addresses)

The managing director, the national offices and one of the Region office south's two offices is located in Drammen.

Visiting address: Grønland 53, Drammen

The national offices in Drammen

Functioning managing director: Vibeke Warholm
Corporate Governance. Director Vibeke Warholm
Internal Control. Director Erik Sjøblom
Communication. Director Else Merete Guntveit
Loans and Grants. Director Rune Robertsen
Municipalities and Markets. Director Per Olaf Skogshagen
Digitalisation. Director Anders Jørgensen
Research and Analysis. Director Vibeke Warholm

National office in Bodø

Finance and administration. Director Ronny Brevik

Visiting address: Torvgata 2, 8006 Bodø

We serve the counties Oslo, Innlandet og Viken.

Visiting address: Kirkegata 15, 0153 Oslo

Director: Eva Milde

We serve the counties Agder, Vestfold and Telemark.

Region office south has two offices; one in Arendal and one in Drammen. The offices have a common phone number and e-mail address.

Visiting address: Kystveien 2, Arendal

Visiting address: Grønland 53, 3045 Drammen

Director: Øystein Djupedal

We serve the counties Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag.

Visiting address: Peter Egges plass 2, Trondheim

Director: Georg Ole Vesterhus

We serve the counties of Finnmark and the northern part of Troms, Balsfjord and the city of Tromsø.

Visiting address: Sjøgata 6, Hammerfest

Director: Merete Berg