Digital mail

If you have an electronic ID, we will send you mail digitally. A digital mailbox account, makes it easy to receive digital mail.

We send post digitally if your mobile phonenumber or e-mail adress is registered in the Norwegian Digital Contact Information Register. If you never have logged into a public digital service, your contact information details will not be included in the register. If you want to be included, you need to get an electronic ID.

There are two ways of receiving digital mail:

  • If you have a digital mailbox, you get your mail there.
  • If you dont have a mailbox, you have to log in at to read mail.

We will send you notifications om SMS or e-mail when we send you important mail.

About the digital mailbox

Digital mailbox makes it easy to find mail from public agencies whenever you need it. You can choose between two mailbox providers: e-Boks and Digipost. You choose whichever one suits your preferences best. Both are approved by the Norwegian Government and comply with security standards.

With a digital mailbox you can

  • receive and keep mail from public authorities in one place, securely and free of charge
  • get SMS or e-mail notifications to let you know when important mail has been sent to your mailbox
  • access your mail wherever and whenever you like
  • get faster replies and information from public authorities
  • improve the environment and help reduce public spending

Choose a digital mailbox

You can find more information at