Apply for housing allowance

You can apply for housing allowance electronically or on paper. The paper form is only in Norwegian.

The application deadline is 25th of each month, and you will receive a response by the 20th day of the month after.

If you are granted a housing allowance for one month, it is not necessary to re-apply. If you need help or have any questions, please contact the housing allowance office in your municipality (district bydel in Oslo). 

You can apply electronically if:

The application form can also be obtained from the housing allowance office in your local municipality/district. The municipality can help you fill in the form.

The application form, along with all necessary documentation (rent, housing loans etc.) should be submitted to the housing allowance office in your local municipality/district. In most municipalities, housing allowance is dealt with by the housing office, social security office or Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) office.

Information on the application form

  • It is your cicumstances on the first day of the month which forms the basis for the calculation of housing allowance for one month. Changes in housing and household circumstances which have occurred after the first day are not taken into account. 
  • You have an obligation to notify the housing allowance office in your municipality/district if there are any changes in the information you have given in the application.