Universal design

Universal design ensures accessibility for all, and enables people to live in their own homes if their physical abilities are limited.

Universal design is creating a society where everyone is included. The concept of universal design doesn't mean making special adjustments for certain groups, but making sure design practices ensure good access and usability for all. The Norwegian State Housing Bank (NSHB) is working towards increasing the amount of housing with universal design qualities.

The NSHBs basic housing loan scheme for new building projects promotes universal design. As a consequence, for example wheelchair users should be able to live in their existing homes.

It is important to increase awareness about the concept of universal design. It is about includes movement, orientation and indoor climate in buildings. A large portion of the population experience respiratory difficulties and other health problems often caused by a bad indoor climate. Increased awareness of this issue could lead to less health problems for everybody. The NSHB wishes to contribute to interdisciplinary research regarding the planning and building of housing.