Regional social housing development programs

The Norwegian State Housing Bank (NSHB) invites those municipalities experiencing the greatest social housing policy challenges to all pull together, by making use of its regional development programs.

The NSHB is the government's most important tool in ensuring secure and adequate housing for all. At the same time it is each municipality's responsibility to ensure a comprehensive and locally adapted housing policy. The NSHB's role is therefore to facilitate this process for the municipalities.

Long-term partnership
The NSHB has chosen to take a differentiated approach towards the municipalities. This involves prioritising a long-term partnership with those municipalities experiencing the most social housing-policy challenges. This long-term partnership includes knowledge sharing, gaining more competence, establishing good analytical tools to aid decision making as well as measures to better utilise and combine the NSHB's financial instruments.

The NSHB is responsible for the contents of the program, while it is the responsibility of the municipalities to implement the program locally. The municipalities are also mainly in charge of developing the program locally, even though the NSHB and other parties contribute to this process as well.

The idea is that by forming a long-term partnership with the NSHB, the municipalities will be in a better position to deal with difficulties in this area, as illustrated both in research and from experience..

These regional development programs will run for several years and the number of municipalities participating is expected to vary. During the program period the NSHB will offer financial and technical services in an attempt to develop a comprehensive and locally adapted social housing-policy. The NSHB will together with the participating municipalities carry out activities to ensure that knowledge and experience is shared with other municipalities and interested parties.

All of the points listed above will help to ensure adequate and secure housing for all. At the same time the municipalities should be in a better position to deal with the challenges to the social welfare system that Norway is facing.