Residential Environment, Housing and Integration

This essay is a literature review on the concept of neighbourhood, but also on housing and integration.

The review starts with an introduction in which the foundations for the review are summarized (Chapter 1), followed by a discussion of the concept of good neighbourhood and how the term has been addressed, defined and implemented in policy, planning and research (Chapter 2). Chapter 3 discusses briefly the implementation of the concept in the field of planning. This chapter also includes a discussion of the meaning and function of "neighbourhood unit" in community planning from the early 1900s.

In Chapter4 the political debate on good neighbourhood is documented and discussed. The chapter focuses on the debate in the Norwegian parliament and is followed selectively from the early 1970s and onwards. Chapter 5 summarise a range of research on neighbourhood, neighbourhood effects and mechanisms hereby neighbourhood characteristics might influence an individual's living conditions and life chances. Chapter 5 also discusses research on housing preferences and the meaning residents’ give the concept good neighbourhood. The literature review ends with a summing-up (Chapter 6).

The report is written by Lena Magnusson Turner.

The whole report "Boendemiljö, bosättning och integration" (in Swedish)