Urban redevelopment

The Norwegian State Housing Bank is involved in a wide range of improvement and urban development projects on a broad regional basis, from smaller projects to more holistic development and rehabilitation programmes.

A place to call home. Urban redevelopment affects everybody. People should be able to live where they want to and be surrounded by a nice environment.

Urban redevelopment is a way to create more environmentally friendly and alluring cities and towns. It is about creating a nice and inclusive living environment by physically rehabilitating a given area. Local resident involvement is a key factor.

Attractive places to live aren’t just defined as providing services and work places. They also have to offer cultural and recreational services, meeting places, good living conditions and be pleasant. Urban redevelopment is therefore a continual process, consisting of several different elements.

It is important to foster cooperation between all parties participating in the process of urban redevelopment. The Norwegian State Housing Bank has extensive knowledge about successful urban redevelopment measures.