Residential care homes

The Norwegian State Housing Bank provides investment grants for the building of residential care homes and nursing homes.

Most people want to remain living in their own homes, even if they require residential care. The right to receive home care is dependent on individual needs, not on the home. Many people can therefore remain in their homes without having to move.

However, moving might become necessary after a while in order to receive a better standard of care. An option could then be to live in a residential care home or nursing home.

Residential care homes are today built for people needing a lot of help in order to meet their basic needs. Therefore residential care homes are often permanently staffed as is already the case for nursing homes. Some municipalities actually build residential care homes rather than nursing homes. The most important thing is that both the standard of care and the physical environment is adapted to fit the people living there.

In the future both the amount of younger and older people needing care will increase. It is expected that the number of people with dementia will rise. It will be challenging to create a suitable home for everybody which is both a good place to live, as well as providing an adequate standard of care.