Northern cross border cooperation

It is important for the Norwegian government to secure and contribute to develop sustainable and good living conditions for all in the northern Region, including the rights of the aboriginal populations.

The Housing Bank aims to contribute to achieve these goals.We also welcome the deepening of the mutual understanding and improved cross border relations with our neighbours in the north that follows.

A modern society with local involvement and initiatives is a vital part of a well functioning local democracy. The northern regions face and pose particular challenges that are not unlike across borders and much can learned through improved exchanges. The Housing Bank focus is to contribute to sustainable and secure housing conditions of good quality for all The housing policy focus goes beyond the individual house, and includes the living environment. Within these areas, the Housing Bank aims to share and facilitate expansion of mutual knowledge, views and experiences. and to promote a sustainable cooperation within our field of work across the borders of the northern regions.

The Housing Bank has entered into an agreement of co-operation with the Murmansk Oblast (county administration) within the following areas: housing and living conditions; urban development and rehabilitation; privatization of the housing stock; organisation and housing management as well as finance and housing related energy-conservation. These activities include a broad northern involvement that includes other private and public partners in the northern region such as The County of Finnmark, The Barent's Secratariat, The College of Finnmark, The Association of Municipalities (KS) and NBBL.