Announcement: 2019 grants for Master’s theses

Are you planning to write your Master’s thesis on a topic related to housing and social and affordable housing policy in 2019? Then you can apply for a grant from the Housing Bank.

All students at Norwegian university colleges and universities may apply. The thesis must be on a topic that falls within the Housing Bank’s fields of work. Priority will be given to theses on subjects relevant to the Housing Bank’s municipal programme. Innovation-related topics are also of particular interest. The goals of the municipal programme are to create good housing conditions and residential areas for the population in general, and for disadvantaged groups in the housing market in particular.

Everyone should have a good place to live and be able to cope with their housing situation.

Note that funding will only be available if approved by the Norwegian parliament in the national budget.

Grants of up to NOK 30,000 will be awarded based on the relevance of the Master’s thesis to the Housing Bank’s fields of work and its priority R&D activities, the student’s academic qualifications and the description of the project.

The application deadline in 2019 is: 1 February

In order to apply for the grant, you must:

  •  complete sections 1, 2, 7, 11 and 12 of the application form HB 8.S.16 for grants for work related to social and affordable housing
  • enter your Norwegian national identity number in the box for “org. nr.”
  • attach a project outline including the subject of your Master’s thesis, the issues it addresses, your choice of theory and methodology, and your time schedule.
  • attach exam certificates and documentation of other relevant experience
  • e-mail your application to:

Please note that this is a one-year grant. This means that the grant is disbursed in the same year as it is awarded and as a general rule the Master’s thesis must be completed during 2019.

Please call us on +47 22 96 16 00 if you have any questions.