The Norwegian State Housing Bank consists of nine offices; six regional offices, the Administration Office, the Strategy Office and the Head Office.

Regional offices

The regional offices have the daily contact with our partners. Within a common framework, the six regional offices develop local solutions aimed at giving the greatest possible welfare gains. The regional offices are independent entities managed by a Regional Director. They largely fit into the regional divisions of other national public entities. Some 60 per cent of our approximately 330 employees work for the regional offices.

Husbankens regioner

Husbanken Hammerfest
Northern Troms and Finnmark

Husbanken Bodø
Nordland, South-Troms and Svalbard

Husbanken Mid-Norway (Trondheim)
Møre and Romsdal, South and North Trøndelag

Husbanken west (Bergen)
Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn and Fjordane

Husbanken south (Drammen and Arendal)
Buskerud, Vestfold, Telemark and West and South Agder

Husbanken east (Oslo)
Oslo, Akershus, Hedmark, Oppland, Østfold

The Administration Office

The main duties of the administrative office include the administration of operation and development of the NSHB's IT system and the administration of loans and dealing with customers with payment issues.

The Strategy Office

The Strategy Office is in charge of the development of policy and strategies, HR, internal control/auditing, communications, reporting and coordination of various group tasks and related assignments. The Strategy Office is also responsible for providing administrative support.

The Head Office

The Head Office acts as a secretariat for the Managing Director and its duties encompass areas like corporate culture and international matters.